Plastic popular teng new positions for the plastics machinery industry development


In recent years, the rapid oil resources consumption, CO2 emissions increased dramatically, the global warming situation, reduce fuel consumption become the focus of the auto industry, automotive designers consider above all is by the lightweight to solve this problem. According to statistics, car every reduce 10% weight, fuel consumption can be reduced by 6% ~ 8%, and in order to realize auto lightweight consider on a lot of auto parts development and application of lightweight materials, and plastic is suitable for the request, and began to a lot of use in car decoration. Plastic machinery industry, it seems, can see, to increase the proportion of the.

Rose sharply in recent years, automobile industry, along with the development of the automotive lightweighting, automobile interior trim the proposition of softening, plastic is more and more popular in the field of automobile, this make room for the development of plastics machinery industry to a new position.

Automotive lightweight implementation of the need to consider the components of a large number of development and application of lightweight materials, and plastic just cater to the trend; The proposition of car interior softening are more improved the PUR soft foam, PVC leather, thin film and plastic products play application space; The increase in auto production, but also for the development of injection molding machine created incalculable market prospect.

In terms of plastic itself, to put it into the automobile industry is very scientific, most of the plastic light, chemical corrosion resistance is strong, good abrasion resistance, mostly good insulation, good color, waterproof, part of the high temperature resistant, low price, generally good formability, easy to be with molding into different shapes, easy processing, can be mass production, processing and manufacturing cost is low. Because of its wide application, utility much wait for a characteristic, can join the automobile industry is a natural thing to do.

With the continuous development of machinery, stamping, casting and forging, injection molding machine has become the auto industry to the development and breakthrough products. If the government can constantly adjust related policies, to ensure that more investors to join, combined with the plastics machinery enterprises to increase the scientific and technological innovation strength, and constantly improve the technical conditions, perfect infrastructure, plastic machinery industry will develop towards a better direction.

Cleveland co., LTD., according to a report by the research group, expects global plastic processing machinery market will grow at an annual rate of 6.9%, the global market will reach $2017 in 37.1 billion. Zhongshang industry research institute, according to data between January and June 2015, China's auto production of 12.2923 million units, up 1.98% from a year earlier. Foreign news that by the end of 2020, Mexico will produce 5 million vehicles a year.

These data suggest that there will be more than 20% of the plastic company get profits, and accelerate the boom of plastic enterprise, and based on light vehicle original equipment manufacturer of some of the latest investment plan, injection molding machine will benefit from the growth of automobile production. In a word, the development of the automobile industry has to make a new piece of plastic machinery industry position, depending on how to weigh the molding machine industry.