Jintang screw, the traditional industry walk the road of innovation


Golden pond as the screw of the township, has 600 - odd screw enterprise, its products accounted for 70% of the national market share. In the face of fierce peer competition and complex economic environment, jintang screw industry how to get rid of the traditional development way of "path dependence", recasting the new competitive advantage?

Jintang people the answer is, "machine substitution", "electric business in city", exploring new paths for the traditional screw industry development.

"Machine substitution" : from "manufacturing" to "smart"

Low-cost manufacturing, low price competition, rely on the traditional mode of production, relying on cheap labor and cost competitive landscape is changing. "Machine dividend" instead of "demographic dividend" has become a consensus, jintang many screw enterprise started exploring the road of "machine substitution". "For our enterprise, machine substitution is the degree of automation to improve." On August 20, zhejiang huaye plastics machinery co., LTD., executive director of Xia Zengfu said in an interview, huaye machine have set out to "machine substitution", strive to transform relying too much on the growth of low-cost labor, to reduce energy consumption, reduce the labor, improve product quality and labor productivity, from "manufacturing" to "smart".

In July of next year, huaye molding machine will be moved to west Hou industrial park of the new factory. The big plant become an organic whole repeatedly, heat treatment workshop is among, both sides have two large workshop... Xia Zengfu pointed to the new factory, tells a reporter, he specially invited domestic famous design master design, and with foreign experts after 20 times of discussion, finally design process reengineering of the whole production line.

Xia Zengfu said, the traditional screw equipment shall be carried out in accordance with the same process in the workshop layout, complete the procedure, then the loading area to the next procedure, not only time-consuming, sometimes will happen in the process of shipping collision, lead to the quality of the product is damaged. "New fully automatic production lines through the new factory, according to the product of the production process, through the transfer orbit, product the product from the former to the latter, a connect together, plus the professional inspectors to check, quality more secure."

Through the process reengineering, workers can, quality, efficiency. "After using automatic operation, from the original" one person one "to" more than one machine ". Xia Zengfu preliminary estimation, process reengineering for huaye machine have reduced by about 20%, efficiency can increase by about 30%.

"Electricity in city", "two markets" has formed

"Electricity in city" in what? "' electricity traders in the city is not simply" in the market, its connotation lies in the service of electricity, reduce the commodity circulation, speed up the circulation, improve the operation efficiency and economic benefit, with the help of online fusion of "two markets", looking for new business direction." The relevant person in charge of jintang management committee said.

In may this year, zhoushan jintang screw electronic commerce co., LTD. The company to jintang 600 screw manufacturing companies and national distributors, agents marketing team as the foundation, to build a can meet the demand of the current e-commerce, influential screw Internet trading platform, screw net in China. "We hope that through this screw network trading platform, the production enterprises, the national distributors, agents closely relates in together, let the jintang screw further improve the brand influence." The company manager YanZiHao said. Screw mall "website set up, in simple terms, like taobao, Tmall website, we are in charge of building the platform, customers can choose to buy screw products on the website, we will be responsible for contact the relevant enterprises, arrange the products to the customers by the enterprise." YanZiHao said, the website will be launched in early October. "First we will select 10 or so screw of a certain scale enterprises to screw mall, I visited several companies, business owners generally show a great interest." YanZiHao said, hope that through this platform, let the national and global plastics machinery operator if necessary accessories, will think of jintang screw.

Have learned, this year, jintang the ac in west Hou creative industrial park, launched the molding machine screw industry research and development center construction project. After the completion of the project will introduce the domestic and foreign famous molding machine screw design, development, test certification institutions, and introduce a batch of electric business enterprise, the transformation and upgrading of jintang screw industry to build a platform of scientific development.

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