Zhoushan city r machinery manufacturing co., LTD


Our factory specialized in manufacturing series of screw, plastic tube product is suitable for use in domestic, import of 30-20000 grams injection molding machine, 15-300 - mm single screw extruder, 30-130 - mm cone, parallel twin-screw extruder and rubber machinery, weaving machine, petroleum machinery, etc. Adopt high quality steel and CRM. ALA, the product after quenched and tempered, qualitative, nitride, fine grinding, polishing process is excellent manufacture, can reach international standard. Production at the same time GH113 nickel-based alloy (new 3 # steel) screw barrel, can also be sprayed welding alloy (double metal), provide matching machine factory at home and abroad, universities and colleges, scientific research units, to undertake processing business, at the same time to the door of surveying and mapping, design, maintenance, modification extrusion machine equipment.

The company passed ISO9001/2000 international quality system certification enterprises, production strictly enforce the international standards.

Enterprises in line with quality first, prestige supreme principle. For the overwhelming majority of customers with high quality and low price products, welcome general customers come to negotiate

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